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Poker Night. What's better than food eaten out of hand for a night of poker with your buddies? Guy's throwing caution to the wind with this menu. Put out extra napkins. No pretzels allowed!

All it takes to transform your dinner table from "regular ol' decor" to "totally on-theme" is a pack of cards or two. Hot-glued or rubber-banded to disposable cups, cards turn into drink markers ... What food could I serve for poker night? | Yahoo Answers It's all finger foods that won't get messy and all over the cards, despite what some people may think. If you really want to do some kind of sweet stuff, I'd make mini muffins or cupcakes (again small finger foods). I also don't think this would be too much food, because Poker nights usually run late into the night. What to Serve When Playing Board Games - The Daily Meal Using cards? Think clean. “The difference between game night foods and other finger foods is that these are less sticky and greasy — they don’t interfere with game play,” Nims explains. When you’re holding a deck of cards, no one wants to have dirty fingers, and plates stacked around the game board are a recipe for disaster. Need some Bunco snack ideas please! | The DIS Disney ... Basically its a an excuse to get out of the house once a month for a girls night and have a drink and maybe win a few bucks. Girls version of poker night I guess but with better food Thanks for the ideas. Gosh Taz I dont know if I can handle that dip.... LOL Keep the ideas coming please I have to go shopping tonight.

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Poker Night Food | MyRecipes 3 65 Super Easy Finger Foods to Make for Any Party From chips and dip to one-bite apps, finger foods are the perfect way to kick off a party. ... Poker Night Food

Some home poker games can last all night, which is why no poker night is complete without a hole heap of food. If you’ve ever served hot wings on game night, however, you soon realized that food and cards don’t always mix. The last thing you need is Bob’s sticky fingers all over your chips.

Finger foods make great appetizers for parties and celebrations such as baby and bridal showers, game day, Christmas, and other holidays. Find here delicious and easy finger food ideas! Finger Food Recipes | Martha Stewart Game Night Recipes | MyRecipes These delicious finger sandwiches are easy to eat between turns and fit in wonderfully with the "Game Night" theme. Themed foods add a festive touch to any gathering, and kids are sure to love helping put together the checkerboard patthern. You can also try experimenting with different types of bread and cheeses for variety.

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Great Casino Poker Party Ideas - Top Poker Night Party… But you still want your poker night to be one that’s remembered, so here are a few poker party ideas to make your poker party the talk of the town.It’s a good idea to stick to finger food so guests can snack while they play. Also avoid greasy or messy food that will mess up your cards. Home Poker Games | UK | Ace Poker Nights Welcome to Ace Poker Nights, setting the standard in professional poker events with class! Using only the highest quality equipment and professionally trained staff, we can guarantee that your next poker event will not only be a rousing success but it will leave a lasting memory on all your clients...